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The beginning of a great transformation.

For many people, textile waste means the end of a process. To EuroRoma, it is the beginning of a great transformation. 

By linking the textile chain to the artisanship universe, EuroRoma seeks through its eco-friendly yarns, to reach out to working hands that do not hesitate when it comes to innovating and using their gift to create art.


Make your craft projects greener with sustainable and eco-friendly yarns.

In a time when artisanal products made from recycled raw material are increasingly valued, EuroRoma offers a wide range of eco-friendly yarns that provides multiple possibilities for sustainable crafts.



Crocheting with EuroRoma

Sandra Brum

Sandra Brum

Marcelo Nunes

Marcelo Nunes

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Sandra Brum Marcelo Nunes

Where to find?

The EuroRoma product line is distributed for resale in all regions of Brazil. If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form or send an e-mail to

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