In 2004, realizing that one of the major challenges of the textile industries is the proper destination and management of the textile waste generated during the textile manufacturing process, EuroFios sought solutions for such textile waste, identifying opportunities for the handicraft market, the manual labor that enriches the life of many people all over the world.

In 2006, EuroFios started producing eco-friendly yarns, that belongs to EuroRoma brand. Currently, EuroFios is the largest producer of ecological yarns in Brazil, being the only company that performs the vertical process, holding all processes from collection, transformation up to the distribution of the final product.

Located in the city of Blumenau, state of Santa Catarina, a Brazilian textile industry hub, EuroFios has more than 300 direct collaborators, as well as outsourced ones and a team of commercial representatives that cover the whole Brazilian market.

Certified by CEATEX BRASIL, EuroFios allows the generating industries to formalize the management of their textile waste, proving that the collected materials were correctly disposed. At the same time it extends the lifecycle of these textile waste, turning into new products.


EuroRoma eco-friendly yarns are delivered throughout Brazil and also exported to countries such as Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Portugal, Netherlands and South Africa.

By linking the textile chain with the handicraft universe, our products reach out to working hands that, when it is about innovation and transformation, do not hesitate to use their creativity to weave art. Such are the hands that create, yarn by yarn, a better, fairer and more sustainable world.

It is our way of guarantee that annually thousand tons of solid waste have a nobler and less impactful destination than usual. Noble, because our products contribute to the empowerment of thousands of people who, with great determination and creativity, transform their lives and those of their families for the better. Less impactful, by reintroducing thousands tons of materials into the productive cycle, with aligns us with the pursuit of a circular economy model.

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