EuroRoma Ecojuta is the perfect and harmonious combination of natural jute fiber with eco-friendly twine.

Developed from the interlacing of 3 jute threads with 5 recycled threads, Ecojuta has a thickness like yarn No. 12, resulting in well-structured pieces with elegance and rusticity.


100 : Cru

470 : Mostarda

750 : Laranja

804 : Verde Musgo

902 : Azul Petróleo

904 : Azul Marinho

1050 : Bordô

1100 : Marrom

1070 : Melancia

1110 : Bege


Composition: 56% jute, 37% recycled cotton and 7% other fibers

knitting needles and crochet hooks suggestion: 5mm

Lenght: 190m

Yarn count: Não se aplica

Weight: Não se aplica

Tex: 1999

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